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SugarVeil Confectionery CombConfectionery Comb Techniques

Comb through prepared SugarVeil® Confectionery Icing for delectable dessert details that flexibly drape onto a cake or plated dessert.


Select one of the four edges of the SugarVeil® Confectionery Comb for a variety of lines:

  • "Fine Lines" for quick setting extremely delicate details
  • "Deep Lines" for expandable 2D to 3D designs
  • "Medium Lines" for general applications
  • "Heavy Lines" for individual laces to twist, knot, or tie into bows


These SugarVeil® Confectionery Comb and SugarVeil® Confectionery Icing techniques resulted in a wonderful creation we affectionately call: SugarVeil Meets the Jetsons.


Veil Technique  |  Triangle Spirals  |  Knotted and Twisted Laces  |  SugarVeil® Sparklers

SugarVeil Confectionery Comb and SugarVeil Confectionery Mix

Prepare SugarVeil mixture as per instructions. Place a mound of SugarVeil at the edge of a greased parchment or Silpat® surface.


Select an edge of the Confectionery Comb and draw the comb through SugarVeil across the surface. Use a downward pressure to assure clean, parallel lines.

SugarVeil Dots to Make Veil

Veil Technique

  1. Comb through SugarVeil mixture using the "Deep Lines" edge of the Confectionery Comb.
  2. Using a parchment cone or the SugarVeil Airpen Piping Dispenser, pipe tiny dots between lines 1 and 2, spaced 1-1/2" apart.
  3. Pipe dots between lines 2 and 3 spaced 1-1/2"apart, but offset the positioning (as in the placement of bricks) so that the dots are centered between the previous line of dots.
  4. Connect lines 3 and 4 repeating same dot pattern as between lines 1 and 2. Continue alternating dot pattern through the remainder of the lines.
  5. When set, peel from surface and expand lines to drape as a veil.
SugarVeil Veil

SugarVeil Spiral Lines Removed

Triangle Spirals

  1. Comb through SugarVeil using the "Medium"or "Deep Lines" edge of the Confectionery Comb.
  2. Using a ball or other blunt-edged tool, scrape a series of "W’s" in the combed lines, creating triangles.
  3. When set, grasp the top point of the triangle with one hand and, offsetting slightly, pinch bottom corners of the triangle together with the other hand. Twist to form a spiral coil (tighter twisting forms a gradation of loops).
  4. Place by attaching each end to icing or plated dessert.
SugarVeil Triangle Spirals

SugarVeil Knotted and Twisted Laces

Knotted and Twisted Laces

  1. Comb through SugarVeil mixture using the "Heavy Lines" edge of the Confectionery Comb.
  2. When set, twist, knot, or tie individual laces into bows.

SugarVeil SparklersSugarVeil® Sparklers

  1. Comb through SugarVeil mixture using the "Fine Lines" edge of the Confectionery Comb.
  2. Connect the combed lines by piping perpendicular lines across them, spacing 1" apart. Each piped line will serve as a center "spine" of a sparkler.
  3. When set, use small scissors to cut through the series of combed lines, cutting evenly between the "spines".
  4. Twist sparkler spine onto a fine rice stick. (Rice sticks are delicate rice noodles, available at Thai grocers).
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