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SugarVeil Confectionery Icing Instructions and Recipes

White SugarVeil® Icing Instructions
for Making Flexible Decorations

Note: For SugarVeil use with Confectioners' Mats, view this PDF.

MIX: Stir 1/3c. (80 ml.) regular (unheated) tap water* into 2/3c. (95 grams) SugarVeil for 30 seconds until combined. Using the paddle/beater blade, beat on medium speed for 4 minutes, scraping bottom and sides of bowl midway through mixing. Mixture will be white and pourable. [Optional note to Piping Dispenser users: For increased flow/swifter operation of the SugarVeil Airpen Piping Dispenser, stir several drops of water into the already mixed SugarVeil. Pipe mixture dead center into the cartridge. Insert a red “follower”, solid end pushing against icing, and compress icing to bottom of cartridge using the end of the metal “puller” tool. Attach a green tip.]

For a firmer result, beat a longer period of time and refrigerate piping bag 30 minutes or so before use. You may also increase SugarVeil’s ‘loft’ (sometimes desirable in certain applications like stenciling, piping, or combing) by using the whisk attachment when mixing.
Coloring SugarVeil: For red, black, and other dark/intense colors, use powdered color dissolved into a very scant amount of water. For pastel/medium shades, gel or liquid colors are fine.

Gingerbread Kid decorated using SugarVeil Confectionery IcingSugarVeil's color is naturally white, without artificial colorants. If you’ve mixed but not used it for several hours, rebeat SugarVeil for a minute or so to restore its natural white-white color. Mixture should be white, glossy and smooth.

Excess SugarVeil may be covered air-tight and refrigerated to store for a week or more. Allow to come to room temperature before re-beating.If necessary, add a few drops of water to improve spreadability.

*Do not use chemically treated/softened water. If in doubt, use distilled water, or bottled water without added minerals.

APPLY: SugarVeil may be combed into fine lines with the SugarVeil Confectionery Comb, smoothed over a stencil, or made into a paper-thin sheet by smoothing with the Confectioners’ Spreader onto the back of a Confectioners’ Mat. The SugarVeil mixture may also be applied using a piping bag fitted with fine tips, a parchment cone, or by using the Piping Dispenser.

To trace a design, grease a piece of parchment paper or cellophane liberally with vegetable shortening (not spray oil). Place the line design beneath, and apply SugarVeil icing in very fine lines. Ensure that all lines connect, are consistent, and are of similar density. Pipe a small test area as well. Allow lines to "set" several minutes before piping on top of/or directly adjacent to other lines. Also, to ensure that all lines set at the same time, you may add finer lines (using the pink tip of the Piping Dispenser) at the finish, after heavier lines have been completed. 

Note: When piping or combing SugarVeil and a more full-bodied line quality is desired, refrigerate SugarVeil a short period (30minutes or so). 

SET: Using the beater blade and the above mixing instructions, SugarVeil decorations may be oven-set. Touch the "set" (test) piece. When adequately set (and cool), SugarVeil piped lines will feel firm (not sticky) to the touch. To speed or delay setting time, note the following tips:

To delay setting:

  • Use a humidifier in room                                                   
  • Place rolled, wet towels around borders of work area         
  • Apply in heavier lines                                                        
  • Seal in Tupperware® or "tented" plastic zippered bag prior to setting completely
  • Lower the ambient temperature of room      

To speed setting (heat and moving air speed the setting process):

  • Place in up to 200 degrees F/93C oven, or oven with light/pilot light on**
  • Place in food dehydrator**
  • Use heat lamp overhead (this also adds a patina sheen)**
  • Place in the path of a fan, heated air duct, or an open oven door**
  • Use a dehumidifier in room
  • Apply in finer lines
  • Increase ambient temperature of room

**Important: Allow piece to cool before attempting to peel from surface
   Heat bulbs and utility fixtures areavailable at home improvement stores.  

SugarVeil Log Cakes"Reverse" setting process: In areas of extremely high humidity, dust fingers with cornstarch. Decorations may be placed in a food dehydrator or an oven up to 200 degrees F/93C to dry, then carefully removed to absorb ambient humidity to achieve a flexible state. Note that if the “set” decoration is not placed directly upon cake, place between parchment sheets into a zipped plastic bag to keep out humidity. Otherwise, it may continue to absorb humidity prior to placement, necessitating repeating the setting process.

When test piece feels firm to the touch, pull parchment downwards over a sharp table edge. If test piece separates easily from parchment, piece is ready to be removed and placed onto iced cake.

PLACE: Place the SugarVeil piece on top of a buttercream (crusted or non), chocolate ganache, whipped icing, or poured or rolled fondant covered cake. On a dry icing surface, a very scant amount of moisture on a fingertip may be used to attach SugarVeil decorations.

STORE: Store SugarVeil decorations air tight out of sunlight, between parchment sheets. Alternately, since SugarVeil decorations last indefinitely, you may allow individual decorations to completely dry on a rigid surface and remoisten to restore flexibility. When ready to use, handle gently and either (1) run thru a path of steam, or (2) place briefly onto a damp towel, patting gently to allow decoration to absorb moisture from the towel.

FREEZING: Cakes/desserts decorated with SugarVeil may be both refrigerated and frozen. When transporting SugarVeil decorations not supported by a cake or dessert in cold weather, note that they freeze rapidly and must be handled gently until thawed. Transport on a rigid surface within an insulated carrier, and do not bump or handle until decorations return to room temperature.


SugarVeil Lace pattern releaseing from cellophane
Piece releasing from cellophane.

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