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Multiple Techniques with SugarVeil

SugarVeil "Chartreuse Chanteuse" demonstrates the versatility of SugarVeil - continued.

Use a variety of techniques with prepared SugarVeil® Confectionery Icing and make delectable dessert details that flexibly drape onto a cake or plated dessert.

  • Use a stencil for detailed patterns
  • Smooth to create solid SugarVeil "fabric"
  • Bend into 3-D bows
  • Cast SugarVeil filigree with silicone molds
  • Comb into lines that may be tied into knots
  • Cut decorative edges with specialty scissors
  • Twist to form decorative ribbons and trim
SugarVeil "Chartreuse Chanteuse Cake

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"Raise intertwined scrolls from cake surface by bending and manipulating".

SugarVeil Bow. Smooth a large solid chartreuse area. Allow to set. Cut two solid pieces 4" wide and 12" long, and one bow center 2" x 3".

Stencil a white decorative border. Allow to set.

Fold a hem at each lengthwise edge, moisten the edge of the SugarVeil, and encapsulate the a folded wafer paper strip in the hem.

Gather each crosswise end to the short wafer paper strips.

Bring both gathered edges to center of bow, moisten back of one gathered edge and slightly overlap the other.

Twist other long strip in half for tails of bow.

Gather center piece of bow at short end and attach to short pieces of wafer paper. Assembling bow tails behind bow and angle-trim edges. Fashion bow into 3D shape and stuff with rolled parchment until dry.

Using one white and one chartreuse line of SugarVeil, wrap lines around skewer to cover. Place skewer in center of cupcake and mount bow atop skewer.

Use the Piping Dispenser fitted with a pink tip (or a parchment cone) to add tiny dots on the edge of the bow once it is in place.

Cast SugarVeil Filigree Piece. Spread chartreuse SugarVeil into silicone mold. Scrape away excess. Place into 170 degree oven for one hour; turn off and leave in oven 30 minutes more to set.

Remove from oven and tightly flex mold away from SugarVeil piece to remove piece.

You can see SugarVeil "Chartreuse Chanteuse" and other Avant Garde cakes in the Gallery.

Knot a small length of white SugarVeil line at both ends. Thread thru filigree piece.

Attach filigree piece to cake by tying strand onto a scroll.

"Chartreuse Chanteuse" Multiple Techniques - Back to Page 1
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