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Cake Design Patterns

Impeccable line work is created "off the cake" with SugarVeil® Piping Dispenser and the delicate tasting SugarVeil icing. 

Prepare the flexible decorating icing following SugarVeil® Confectionery Icing instructions*, and fill an Piping Dispenser cartridge. Grease a parchment or cellophane sheet liberally. Position line drawing beneath the greased surface, and trace the design with icing.

If using a 1/4 pattern line design: Prior to greasing, fold the parchment/cellophane sheet in half then fold in half again. Unfold sheet. Grease. Place pattern beneath, positioning between two of the fold lines. Trace with icing.

Rotate pattern 90 degrees, reposition the line design between adjacent fold lines and trace again, joining new icing lines with already completed lines. Rotate line design as necessary to complete.

For finishing touches, add tiny lines or dots to serve as additional reinforcement between unconnected (unsupported) loops and lines.

When piece is set, you can peel it to drape around the sides or onto the top of a cake.

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How to use the SugarVeil® Design Patterns  |  Design Patterns

Crown Cake
(Pattern 1 in PDF format to download)
(Pattern 2 in PDF format to download)
  Heart Cake
(Pattern in PDF format to download)
Lace Cake
(Pattern in PDF format to download)
  Lace/Dot Cake
(Pattern in PDF format to download)

SugarVeil lace with fruit and sherbet

Downloading and Saving
PDF Files

If you plan to save the PDF files on your computer, right-click (for PC's) or control-click (for Mac's) your mouse to bring up a sub-menu on your system and then select 'save-to-target'.

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