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SugarVeil® Confectionery Icing
Lace Mats and Piping Dispenser

Create Decorations in MINUTES using Oven-Setting Instructions.

SugarVeil Icing, the world's first and favorite edible lace product. Accept no substitutes!
NEW! Extra Dark Chocolate SugarVeil.

SugarVeil Confectionery Icing

Michele Hester invented SugarVeil - the icing and the company - so that cake and dessert artists at every level, novice to professional, could realize the complete range of their artistic vision.

  • Made from fresh, natural ingredients - delicious flavor!
  • No artificial additives/preservatives/colorants or corn syrup
  • Gluten free, dairy free, OU Kosher certified
  • Freezes wonderfully - great for frozen cakes
  • Place onto buttercream, chocolate, fondant, whipped icings

Dessert decorators around the world have relied on SugarVeil Icing and the SugarVeil Company as their source for icing, techniques and the SugarVeil Collection of innovative tools for more than 10 years.

With the versatility of SugarVeil, you can create big, beautiful bows, mold edible lace, comb lines, or stencil dimensional, sculpted mongrams. Simply peel to place onto a cake or dessert. Pipe the finest lines and details possible with the SugarVeil Airpen Piping Dispenser.
Peeling SugarVeil lace from the SugarVeil lace mat "patent Leather" look bow created with SugarVeil Icing SugarVeil Airpen Piping Dispenser
Peeling the SugarVeil Icing "Patent Leather" SugarVeil Bow The SugarVeil Airpen Piping Dispenser

Michele hester - Inventor of SugarVeil Confectionery IcingMeet Michele Hester, Creator of SugarVeil®

"So much for life's plans. With a background in textiles and fashion design, I took a circuitous route to the food industry and became fascinated with the 'what-ifs' of food plus fashion. In the process of blurring boundaries and exploring new ideas, I found myself creating "clothes" for cakes, and a few years later I patented SugarVeil. I have never stopped being completely and totally mesmerized by what it does.

SugarVeil is a dry mix. After you add boiling water and beat it a few minutes, you enter a place where cake and dessert decorations have never gone before: Incredibly delicate lace, for example, or monograms that look sculpted. Or a cascade of dots you can make in a flash, all rounded to perfection. Even an amazingly paper-thin 'fabric' you can gather into waves.

Please enjoy perusing our gallery. Take a look at the tools we've designed to make the process even production-friendly. Then see everything in action at

Join us for interesting conversation with photos of how SugarVeil® is used around the globe with our Facebook community. Thank you so much for your visit here."  -- Michele

We are proud that the results of our success assist many community and national charitable causes which are particularly relevant to the lives of our employees. We invite you to join us in support of these organizations.

  • - Funds toward mobility and inclusion of special needs children
  • - Research and funding a cure for ALS
  • -  Loans that alleviate poverty and change lives
  • - Foundation for Parkinson's Research
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by Karen Portaleo

     Zelda - by Karen Portaleo

Judge Kerry Vincent and a look-alike Muppet, wearing a SugarVeil chef jacket from the Food Network Cake Challenge.

Food Network Cake Challenge
Judge Kerry Vincent and a
look-alike Muppet, wearing a SugarVeil chef jacket.

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