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Apply SugarVeil® Icing

You can use SugarVeil directly after mixing – no need for waiting. If you do wait longer than an hour or so, re-beat SugarVeil for a minute just prior to applying.

fill-mat1SugarVeil may be spread onto the Confectioners’ Mats (see for complete application information), combed into fine lines with the SugarVeil Confectionery Comb, smoothed over a stencil, or spread into a paper-thin ‘fabric’ onto the back of a Confectioners’ Mat with the Confectioners’ Spreader. When using other brands of silicone mats to spread the fabric, grease surface with solid vegetable fat prior to spreading (not necessary when using SugarVeil brand mats).

The SugarVeil mixture may also be applied using a piping bag fitted with fine tips, a parchment cone, or by using in cartridges of the AirPen Piping Dispenser. To trace a design (pipe a small test area as well), grease a piece of parchment paper or cellophane liberally with vegetable shortening (not spray oil). Place the line design beneath, and apply SugarVeil icing in very fine lines. Ensure that all lines connect, are consistent, and are of similar density. Allow lines to “set” several minutes before piping on top of/or directly adjacent to other lines. Also, to ensure that all lines set at the same time, you add finer lines (using the finer tips of the Piping Dispenser) at the finish, after heavier lines have been completed.

Note: When piping SugarVeil and a more full-bodied line quality is desired, beat for a longer period of time and refrigerate bag 30 minutes or so prior to use.