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SugarVeil The Crown Jewel

SKU: 20-580K
If you are as enamored of our products as we are proud to claim them as our lives' work, here is the entire collection of our thoroughly original and patented, meticulously engineered and designed SugarVeil Icing and tools.
  • Sixteen Confectioners' Mats: Lace, Rose Mantilla and Rose Mantilla Extras, Flower Net, Celebrations Ribbons, Circle Bouquets, Mesh, Dot Veil, Grasses, Leaves, Woven, Flower Skull, Catrina, Brooches, Needlepoint, and Web
  • Twenty four 3.4 oz. packages of White SugarVeil
  • Two 3.7oz packages of Extra Dark Chocolate SugarVeil
  • SugarVeil Airpen Piping Dispenser
  • SugarVeil AirPen Piping Dispenser Accessory Kit
  • Vacuum Pick-up Tool
  • Dessert Garnishes DVD
  • Quick, oven-setting instructions
  • Confectioners' Spreader
  • Fin tool
  • Confectionery Comb
  • Confectionery Snips
  • Hygrometer for measuring humidity